057: How To Embrace The Fact That You Are Enough w/ Apryl Steele

Podcast A Vet 57: How To Embrace The Fact That You Are Enough w/ Apryl Steele

Apryl Steele lives a life full of adventure, compassion, and drive. The President and CEO of the Denver Dumb Friends League, DVM, US Army Veteran, and so much more, Apryl has a motivated ‘can do’ attitude that is as contagious as it is inspiring.  Whether she is negotiating million dollar donations or teaching the veterinarians of tomorrow, Apryl is here to help you be motivated by your doubts and truly believe that you can do anything.

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Show Notes: 

Today we are diving into everything from how to harness your inner animal diagnostic instincts, to why shelter medicine is a freeing opportunity that is often overlooked, the meaning behind the term ‘dumb friends’, and more. Apryl works tirelessly to be the voice for those who do not have one and has become an impactful leader along the way, and she is sharing her recipe for success.

If you are ready to harness the magic juices that let you believe you can do it and capture your imagination, Apryl is the girl for you. This episode is all about putting a different lens on veterinary medicine and embracing the fact that you are enough.

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In This Episode

  • Understanding animal welfare from a veterinarians perspective

  • Relatable advice for the LGBTQ veterinary medicine community

  • Differences between the quality of life in defensive medicine and effective medicine

  • A look into serving with a US Army Veterinary Squad

  • Who are veterinary donors and where do they come from


“We are used to being the people that had what we needed and helped others. And to need help was a totally different experience and it changed us” (5:11)

“My advice for anything, whether it’s around your identification or it’s around struggling in your job or relationship or whatever it is, you just have to know it doesn’t have to be that hard” (16:12)

“We all have the responsibility to make sure animals are cared for” (28:58)

“My value to this world, to my family, to my clients, to my employees, it’s not what I do its who I am” (37:01)

“What we do for animals as an organization is of course up there on reasons for job satisfaction, but this team is probably even above that. They are just such wonderful people to share my work with” (45:26)



Denver Dumb Friends League

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