058: Creating Your Own Veterinary Program, Even If It Doesn't Exist w/ Dr. Jeremy Delcambre


Dr. Jeremy Delcambre knew that he wanted to be a teacher of anatomy, but had no idea how to get there. So, after getting accepted into veterinary school with 0 hours of veterinary practice, Jeremy went on to create the program that he wanted to learn and has been thriving ever since.

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Show Notes: 

Clearly, Jeremy is a force to be reckoned with and is as assertive as he is sure of what he wants. Today he is here to share how his tenacity got him to where he is today, what gets him psyched about teaching anatomy, and much more.

Aside from his impressive go-getter attitude, Jeremy knows a thing or two about veterinary school as a first-year anatomy professor at CSU, as well as being married to the director of CSU vet school admissions. Jeremy is here to provide some insight into doing what you have to do, treating your neighbor with kindness, and why it's important to look at the big picture.

Jeremy is a living testament to the mentality “if there isn't a path, make one”, and thrives off the ability to share his experiences with others. He is an example of thinking outside the box, making the best of any situation and setting yourself up to become a role model. What most impresses you about Jeremy’s career and personal history? Let us know in the comments!


In This Episode

  • The importance of networking and trying new fields while in vet school

  • Understanding the feast or famine aspects of rotation work

  • A look into the day to day life as a veterinary anatomist

  • Setting yourself up for a rewarding life in veterinary medicine no matter what field you choose


“The things you do in your summer or jobs you have on minimal basis can make your career 10, 15 years down the road, you never know, that's how my career kept going” (14:13)

“Just watching people be amazed at learning the language they are going to speak for the rest of their lives. Its really not the anatomy, its watching other people get the anatomy” (19:35)

“If you can add some other expertise, if you bring one little extra thing to the table, you would almost be guaranteed any of the jobs that get posted on a monthly basis across the US” (38:56)

“We don't expect you to remember 95% of it, but if it makes you a better clinician in some way shape or form from the 5% you do remember, then we have done our job” (43:51)

“It’s way more important that we create veterinarians in a sense of personal responsibility than we create people who can name the artery they should have ligated during surgery” (54:15)



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