056: How To Create Financial Stability While In Vet School w/ Sam Romano

056: How To Create Financial Stability While In Vet School w/ Sam Romano

Sam Romano boasts a dual DVM and MBA, is the past president of the Colorado Vet Med Association, a figure on the State Alumni Board and a past owner and manager of an emergency and referral hospital. From an early age, Sam’s father instilled the need for education, and hard work and Sam has taken the later years of his career in order to coach and lead the veterinary students of tomorrow.

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Show Notes: 

Sam is here to answer some real questions about what a career path in veterinary medicine really looks like in terms of debt, lifestyle and where you really see yourself in the future. He is discussing what you should be aware of in the profession, how you should approach it, and the importance of finding the balance between sacrifice and peace.

Everything from anxiety and depression, to the importance of running your practice like a business and defending what you are worth, is on the table today. Sam is providing financial advice for any new student or grad, why empathy and partnership are the two most important skills in the emergency room and the business world, plus much more.

This is an honest discussion about what veterinary medicine is as a career, and gaining a primitive awareness of the constant transition that the veterinary life sets you up for. Sam has done it all so that he can save you the time and share his advice with you today.

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In This Episode

  • Monitoring what you are sacrificing for your career and finding a balance

  • Dealing with anxiety, depression and how best to cope with it

  • Why it is important to make conscious mindful decisions in your life

  • Advice for students worried about their financial wellbeing

  • Why the rogue entrepreneur is being left behind in the dust for the teamwork model


“You leave thinking, ‘wow, man this is really a great profession and it is going to be in good hands long after I’m not here.’ It’s just really inspiring.” (6:59)

“It's not enough to say ‘well I have a DVM’. Its how are you going to use that DVM specifically relative to your environment and who you are organically.” (20:32)

“Life had to be much more about simplicity and loving your family and being around, not just making an extra buck” (25:14)

“We have to make money in order to be able to do this, and we are worth it” (39:59)

“Its all about community. It’s all about what you are building here. It's about getting nowhere with no one else, especially in our culture” (53:39)



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