041: What To Do About The Wage Gap w/ Dr. Nate Daughenbaugh


No matter what type of veterinary professional you are, there are some issues that affect pretty much all of us. We are digging into some of the deep questions with Dr. Nate Daughenbaugh today and tackling topics such as the wage gap, gender inequality, and dealing with anxiety and depression.

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Show Notes: 

Dr. Daughenbaugh is a native of one of the most beautiful places in the world, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and has had quite the journey to bring him back home. Born and raised on a cattle ranch, a former Marine and Army member, and current DVM, Dr. Daughenbaugh has had his fill of life experiences and is here to share his knowledge and passion with the Podcast A Vet Community.

This episode is not only a great recap of Dr. Daughenbaugh’s incredible life, but also a tool of inspiration and influence for each of us on our own veterinary journeys. Do you have something to add to the safe space for discussion created today? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Putting life in the military into perspective

  • A look into the invaluable service ranchers provide to the public

  • The multiple benefits Jiu-Jitsu can have in your mindset and life

  • Steps you can take to decrease the wage gap between vet professionals and human medical doctors

  • How being a dad changes your professional life



“I grew up in the agriculture business, in the agriculture community. I thought it was a very beneficial way to grow up. Being around all kinds of different animals, that hard lifestyle but very rewarding.” (3:09)

“I wouldn't change anything. I've enjoyed every stage of my life and I've been very comfortable with the decisions I've made.” (27:32)

“It's such a hard balance to walk that line between providing affordable good quality health care to animals, but still getting paid for what you are worth. And I think as a profession often times we undercut ourselves” (43:28)

“Now that I have a daughter, I can say ‘no’ or ‘no this is something that can wait till tomorrow’, much easier. And that has actually made veterinary medicine more acceptable and fun for me too, cause I've learned to say no and prioritize really what is important and what needs help and what doesn't.” (53:53)

“The math is there, it's going to happen, none of us are going to get through our career without making some type of mistake, that will probably cost a life. And that's hard, that's really an emotional thing to deal with” (1:00:36)



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