045: Why You Should Come First In Your Life w/ Kim Ellis


Kim Ellis has had an incredibly impressive 32-year long career as a CVT and equine nurse and has created a lasting positive impact in the field. Today we are reflecting on highlights throughout her career, finding longevity as a nurse, and her three-year-long battle with breast cancer.

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Show Notes: 

A life motto of ‘lean into the collar and go’, developed from a childhood surrounded by horses, Kim is an open book and advocates for taking care of yourself first. Everything from the importance of becoming specialized in your field, to keeping your nurses happy and why Kim loves meditation, are on the table today.

In addition to a passionate equine talk, get ready for an honest, open conversation about kicking cancers ass and the struggles and good times that have happened as a result. No topic is off limits today as we explore the emotional and raw side of not only being a vet tech, but also a human.

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In This Episode

  • Becoming okay with asking for help and putting yourself first

  • The importance of having balance in work and in life

  • What you can learn in the field that you can’t learn in a textbook

  • How the equine field has evolved over the years for veterinary nurses

  • Listening to your body, being in the present and slowing down


“I’m not 110, I’m 150 percent of giving to my job. And I set the example, and I mentor. And that’s when I decided that I needed to take this and just go ahead and retire.” (19:58)

“In my entire career I have not been seriously hurt by horses, and its because I take the time with them and read their body languages. That’s hard to teach to somebody, and that's what difficult for students nowadays when they graduate.” (34:08)

“I just everyday found excitement in learning something and knew that I was in the right place because I wanted to teach. I just kept myself learning something or developing something or creating something or just ‘go’. Just kept myself going, I never settled, I just wanted to keep expanding.” (44:02)

“Get rid of those cellular devices and be in the present. And make memories and be kind to yourself, that’s my tagline… You have to be kind to yourself first before you can be kind to other people. And that’s where I’ve learned to take anything negative and to find the positive.” (52:49)

“That longevity, that's what it is. It's these chapters, you want to turn the page, and what is that next chapter. And so you want to keep going, go to the next chapter and see what it reads. That might be what it is. It's a book.” (1:07:02)



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