044: Starting At The Bottom Can Lead To The Top w/ Ryan Dunning


Even if the grass is green on the other side, we often lose sight of the green grass under our own feet. After vet school, Ryan Dunning recognized his passion for his native state of Arizona and the versatility that being a small animal practitioner allowed him, and has been thriving on his own green grass ever since.

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Having experience working in every aspect of the field from tech assistant to the receptionist, he is now the Medical Director at his childhood veterinary clinic. Another reunion episode, we are diving into everything from general practice to family, balance and why you should be sitting on the floor during all of your appointments.

Ryan has a wealth of knowledge for those entering the veterinary field, those looking to make a switch, and those who have been thinking about reaching out to an old classmate. Everything from creating a lasting legacy, to how to continue to grow in the field and why you need to be honest with yourself and your colleagues first.

A great model for success in so many ways, Ryan is sharing his inspiring vision with us today. By continuing to grow, learn and avoid your old patterns, this episode is sure to help guide you in the right direction.

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In This Episode

  • How having less staff turnover extends to your clientele

  • Options for those in a state without a vet school

  • Why internships can change your confidence game

  • When to pull the trigger and add a new colleague to your team

  • Trying to maintain your mentors legacy while creating your own


“It feels like home to me. I have always kind of, as an employee here, as a veterinarian here, and now as the managing vet, I’ve basically always treated it as if I owned it. Made decisions as if I was the owner because it holds that special place in my heart. I want to see this place succeed, I’ve got clients here that have known me, in some instances, since I was born.” (5:28)

“The academic portion is a big part of our job, but communicating with people is, I could argue, more important. Honestly, I think an excellent communicator will be as good or better practitioner than the smartest person in a given class.” (24:39)

“I've always been a very goal-oriented person, so constantly setting your sights on something and achieving for something is important for me and my personality.” (49:12)

“As you know, there are tons of difficult times and challenges in this profession. And being able to lean on the people that you work with and live with through those difficult times has been key for me. Because yes there have been lots of successes but there are still even in those successes really hard difficult times.” (51:19)

“I don't claim to have the secret. I’ve always tried to be true to myself and I’ve always had that great mentor to look towards and try to model myself after.” (51:57)



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