021: Building A Successful Veterinary Career In The Face Of Negativity w/ Karie Madigan

Podcast A Vet 021: Building A Successful Career In The Face Of Negativity w/ Karie Madigan

Have you ever faced a regular onslaught of negativity about your career? Today’s guest, Karie Madigan, is an example of someone who not only succeeded in the face of negativity, but achieved longevity in that success as well.

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Show Notes: 

Karie has been a vet nurse for over 20 years and recently transitioned into the role of practice manager. Today she talks to us about the negativity she faced as a teenager and into adulthood, and the key roles that some insightful mentors played for her in her journey.

She also talks to us about the relationship between vet doctor and nurse and how to foster a positive one, as well as qualities that excellent nurses look for in vet hospitals. We discuss her recent transition to practice manager, its cause, and the skills necessary to transition from nurse to practice manager.

In this episode:

  • The power of drive in the face of negativity
  • Exactly what it takes to foster a great doctor/nurse relationship
  • Qualities that an excellent nurse looks for in a vet hospital
  • The skills necessary for a nurse to transition to practice manager
  • How to tell if you’re utterly burned out in a particular role


“I set a goal that I was going to prove them all wrong. I am going to be successful at what I do.” 18:42

“Communication is key. Whether it’s positive or negative, you just have to communicate.” 29:43

“I needed to grow, and being a mentor, like so many people have been mentors to me, was something that I wanted to do.” 1:00:59


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