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027: An Inside Look At The Life Of A Relief Veterinarian w/ Sara Sheltren

As you probably know, getting into vet school is no easy task. After years of struggling to find a school, Dr. Sara Sheltren made the alternative choice to accept a spot at ROSS Veterinary School on the island of St. Kitts. The next 3 years were filling with the realities of working in clinics that are not guided by American conveniences. This one of a kind experience led to Sara and her classmates gaining resilience, knowledge, and perseverance that would be hard to come by through traditional schooling.

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023: How To Find Career Inspiration In Unlikely Places w/ Brent Fink

Do you ever feel like you’re figuring things out in a very different way from everyone else? As we always say here at Podcast A Vet, everyone has their own trajectory and their own path. Today’s guest talks to us about how his travels in South America gave him the final nudge to commit to becoming a vet.

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022: How To Make An International Impact As A Veterinary Professional w/ Julie Lenoch

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many options are open to you in the vet profession. Clinical veterinary practice isn’t the only route you can take. Dr. Julie Lenoch is an incredible example of someone who has worked in veterinary science in many different ways, and might provide some inspiration for you as well!

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