022: How To Make An International Impact As A Veterinary Professional w/ Julie Lenoch


Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many options are open to you in the vet profession. Clinical veterinary practice isn’t the only route you can take. Dr. Julie Lenoch is an incredible example of someone who has worked in veterinary science in many different ways, and might provide some inspiration for you as well!

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Show Notes: 

Dr Julie Lenoch is a Veterinary Epidemiologist at the USDA and APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, has a post-doc fellowship at the Council of State and Territory Epidemiologists in Atlanta, GA, was an ER vet for 17 years, was the Deputy Director of the US Geological Survey at the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, WI, and recently returned from a ViDAS volunteer trip in Puerto Rico.

Today she talks to us about her vast experience in all these different ways to be a veterinarian, how she incorporated her family into her career transition decisions, and the scope and importance of veterinary public health. She also shows us that it’s totally possible to have international scope in your impact as a vet professional.

In this episode:

  • How it is totally possible to have international scope in your impact in the vet profession
  • The scope and importance of veterinary public health (it’s more than just rabes)
  • How she incorporated her family into her career shift decisions
  • The weird and complicated world of applying for federal jobs
  • How her current role fuses politics and veterinary science
  • Her experience volunteering internationally to help spay and neuter pets and strays


“Animals in other countries are so different and valued in such different ways.” 15:22

“The phone calls finally simmer down and my kids are like “What are you doing, Mom??” and I’m like, “I think we just stopped an outbreak!” and they’re like “Oh, well that’s good. Can I have $5 for pizza?” ” 48:21

“Any disease anywhere is on our soil within a day.” 54:10


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