023: How To Find Career Inspiration In Unlikely Places w/ Brent Fink


Do you ever feel like you’re figuring things out in a very different way from everyone else? As we always say here at Podcast A Vet, everyone has their own trajectory and their own path. Today’s guest talks to us about how his travels in South America gave him the final nudge to commit to becoming a vet.

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Show Notes: 

Brent Fink is a veterinary nurse and applying to vet school. But before that, he worked in the restaurant industry for years, and spent a year and a half volunteering on farms in South America.

Today he talks to us about the influence his parents, both working in human medicine, had on his path towards becoming a vet, as well as how lessons he learned in the restaurant industry have informed his approach to working in vet medicine. He also talks about the vet school application process.

What unique experiences informed your decision to become a vet? How did you keep your mindset healthy while applying to vet school?

In this episode:

  • How volunteering on farms in South America offered Brent clarity on wanting to be a vet
  • Similarities between the restaurant industry and working in veterinary medicine
  • The importance of healthy mindset when applying to vet school and facing rejection
  • Ways to improve your application if you are rejected the first time you apply


“Be hungry. I didn’t necessarily want to be a receptionist, but I knew that regardless of the position I would learn a ton.” 26:45

On application rejections: “That kind of becomes part of you and part of your story, and figuring out how to rebound is also part of your story.” 33:15

On well-roundedness: “I’ve got this vision of a rock being tumbled around in the surf. If you spend enough time getting knocked around, that will eventually create a well-rounded something or other.” 47:38


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Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston

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