043: How To Conquer The Mental Challenges In School & Beyond w/ Luke Bass


A self-proclaimed ‘dude with a truck’, Dr. Luke Bass takes his passion for horses and love of helping people and animals everywhere he goes. After admittedly spending more time at the party than the library in his first years of schooling, Luke learned from his mistakes and pulled up his bootstraps to pave his way to an impressive resume and thriving career in the equine field.

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Nowadays, he spends his time training equine veterinary students in the field and has a seat on the CSU admission board, among many other hobbies and projects. Today Luke is sharing what can set you apart from the crowd in applications, why it's not always about the grades, and why you should be making self-care a priority. Everything from gangsta rap, to acknowledging your own self-flaws, and how to communicate what you are worth, is on the panel.

Prepare yourself for a no holds barred episode as Luke cuts the curtain and gets real about how to succeed in veterinary medicine and in life.

Do you share a similar equine passion? Inspired by Lukes approach to problem-solving? Let us know your thoughts on today's discussion in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • How the rodeo can prepare you to become a veterinarian

  • Thriving off the mental challenge of multitasking

  • Keeping your options open to find your passion

  • Common business questions asked by veterinary students in training

  • A look at the options out there for an equine general practitioner


“It's one of those things that like throughout my life I’ve realized, you don't have time to think about things, you just have to react. And that's how it is with veterinary medicine. Sometimes in an emergency, you can’t think and go look up a dose of steroids or whatever the case, you just have to know and go. And I think that is some of the thrill of the fun of it all.” (17:11)

“I think people who are listening who are in veterinary school, just enjoy the ride, have fun. Don't worry so much about every single test, there is more to it.” (35:33)

“I don't think you know what your passion is until you have explored everything else. And you try it, and you see what really gets you.” (41:19)

“If you want a key to our rotation its preparation and teamwork. And the rest will take care of itself. We’ll teach you anything you need to know, just please put in the time.” (49:14)

“It's just so rewarding to see that student who on day one couldn't even draw up that sedation in a syringe, to the second week they are asking, ‘can I come back and spend another week?’. I love that, I love them wanting to push themselves because they had some faculty members that expected them to give 100% every day.” (51:52)

“I think we have to take care of ourselves in the process. Because if not, you will wake up in five years and be unhappy and burnt out and then what?” (57:58)




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