073: The Power Of A Positive Attitude w/ Bronwen Foster

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After dealing with compassion and burnout fatigue herself, Bronwen Foster decided to make a change and has since helped herself and others find joy in their jobs and have more fulfilling lives because of it. Our first sequel guest episode, we are reflecting on the past year and a half of Podcast A Vet, the changes Bronwen has been through both professionally and personally, and how to stop hating your job and remember your love for veterinary medicine again.


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Show Notes

On this episode, Bronwen is opening up the conversation towards what is possible in veterinary medicine and providing tools to help you figure out what sparks your passion and how to do more of that. By letting things fall into place, replacing your negative attitude with an open mindset, and doing the work to trust in your ability to be happy, you can train your brain to be quiet and start living life with no limitations.

Someone who has been there and done that, Bronwen is bringing her self-awareness and vulnerability to you today to give you hope and encourage you to find relief in the right person or right space in order to find your joy again. If you are struggling to keep going in the field and are looking for a way to be reignited about veterinary medicine, you have come to the right place.

How do you relate to Bronwen’s story, and what do you find the most difficult when changing your mindset? Share with us in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • The importance of feeling valued and having a sense of humor in vet medicine

  • Ways to recognize what sparks your inner joy and go after it

  • Daily tools to help deal with burnout and compassion fatigue

  • How to stop feeding into the negativity of your clinic or hospital

  • Tips on how to reach out when you are struggling to find a safe space to talk



“I just kind of changed my mind into thinking, life is so abundant and we can have whatever we want, and as soon as you start thinking that things just start falling into place.” (6:20)

“We're not trained in psychology, but people expect us to be, and that part is draining. And I think a lot of people in other professions don't realize that it is a big card to carry.” (25:28)

“We have a lot to be grateful for, and even when we think about our job, we have a job! We live in a great place, we really do have a great profession, you just have to figure out why it is great for you and do that, don't do what's making you miserable.” (39:13)

“This podcast alone, people reaching out, that makes me not feel alone. Thank you for allowing not only me to share my story and help but thank you for knowing there are more people going through it and asking for help.” (40:21)



PAV 001: Bronwen Foster


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