072: Importance Of Finding What Works For You w/ Trent Gall

Podcast A Vet 072: Importance Of Finding What Works For You w/ Trent Gall

Trent Gall is a small animal veterinary surgeon, family man, and sole owner of his own mobile veterinary surgery clinic. On this episode, we dive into the importance of community, acceptance, and tolerance as we discuss everything from archery to down syndrome, mid-life crisis’s, and everything in between.


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Show Notes

One of the rare ‘go with the flow’ veterinary surgeons, Trent is sharing his zest for life, tips to run a successful mobile practice, and how to create a happy home life for yourself despite challenges as a parent and a veterinarian. Learn about his families struggle through residency and pregnancy, how to find a good fit in surgery for your specific talents and the fun perks of owning your own business.

Trent believes in the importance of finding what works for you, being an advocate for the communities you care about and rolling with the punches to create the life that you dreamed of.

How do you relate to Trent’s story of balance, compromise, and positivity? Share with us in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • A peek into the complex and varying world of competitive archery

  • Debunking the stigma in the medical field around down syndrome

  • How to get onto the path of owning your own mobile surgery clinic

  • Comparing and contrasting private practice and owning your own practice

  • The importance of being there for each other in the veterinary community



“There are is abilities and different challenges from so many different people, and it was just awesome being in the middle of that.” (42:40)

“I realized I really like anatomy, I really like dissection, and I really like power tools. So… surgery?” (47:04)

“It's a great lifestyle, you get to help a lot of patients, you just have to find what works for you.” (52:35)

“I take my job seriously but not myself seriously. If things affect a patients outcome maybe that's when I get really type A about it. But if it is something that more is an inconvenience for me, I just go with that.” (59:19)

“Don't be arrogant, just don't. That's my business model, don't be a jerk. That's it.” (1:01:03)



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