074: Financial Wellness Series: Part Two w/ Brennan Pitard

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Brennan Pitard is back for round two of this Financial Wellness Series to share more from his unique perspective as both a veterinarian and banker. Brennan is passionate about helping people buy into or take over a veterinary practice to live their dream as an owner and is sharing tips and strategies to help you realize that dream as well if you so choose.


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Show Notes

Whether you want to know what you should be doing to own a practice in five years, think that your student debt will hold you back from your dream of practice ownership, or are ready to take steps starting today to achieve your dream, Brennan is here to answer your questions and set your mind at ease. Learn why Brennan doesn't even blink at $200,000 in debt, how to stop your debt from holding you back from pursuing your goals, and why he believes in getting the whole story behind the person to help them establish confidence.

If you are thinking about taking the leap and buying into a practice, Brennan wants to provide you the tools to make your mark on the veterinary ownership world, however that looks for you. With the right lender, the ownership process can be an exciting journey full of support.

Do you dream of one day taking the leap and diving into the ownership pool? Share what excites you most about ownership in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • What you can be doing to avoid loan red flags and attract lending investors

  • Ways to take on more responsibility as an associate hoping to become an owner

  • How to make sense of the salary to debt ratio to lower your monthly debt burden

  • Steps you should be taking every day to stop limiting your own potential

  • Why you should stop letting the excuse of student debt hold you back from your goals



“Once they talk to somebody and establish some confidence that they can do it, it is like a lightbulb moment. And from that point, they move forward with unparalleled intensity to get to their dream.” (3:44)

“Getting to know you on a personal level as a veterinarian, your management experience, is probably the most crucial thing.” (8:13)

“I'm very involved, I'm sorry any clients out there if I annoy you, but I like to know what's going on!” (11:54)

“Owning your own and running a business like you want to be run and putting your hard work and sweat equity into something, its a big deal to people.” (22:57)

“Networking and surrounding yourself with a good group of likeminded people is crucial to success, you can't do it alone.” (26:11)



Contact Brennan at bpitard@ffb1.com

FFB Veterinary Loans Homepage

First Financial Bank Website

Blue Heron Consulting Website

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