087: How To Make Your CVT Career Fulfilling & Long-Lasting w/ Kim Schmidt

Podcast A Vet 087: How To Make Your CVT Career Fulfilling & Long-Lasting w/ Kim Schmidt

Today we’re joined by Kim Schmidt, a career CVT and veterinary technician specialist in surgery and anesthesia. She is also the program director for veterinary technology at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins where she trains some incredible CVTs.


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Show Notes

Kim takes us on her journey from a child with a fascination in reptiles to an internship at a zoo to a certified veterinary technician and instructor. Working in surgery means a lot to Kim as she gets to be part of the team that fixes what’s broken in an animal and send them home with a new lease on life. Furthermore, as a teacher, she feels honored to help prepare the next generation of CVTs.

There are so many crucial and rewarding parts of a career as a veterinary technician. From being an integral part of the veterinarian's team to helping to maintain relationships with clients, a vet tech makes the whole process possible. Kim also breaks down her training program for CVTs and explains just what is needed to make this a fulfilling and long-lasting career.

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In This Episode

  • Following your interests and passions from childhood to career

  • The appeal of specializing in anesthesia as well as its challenges

  • The key elements behind maintaining a cohesive doctor-nurse relationship

  • The process behind obtaining a particular specialty

  • Communicating the value of CVTs for all to recognize

  • What the ideal training for a CVT student should look like



“I had the reptile passion and getting into the zoo setting and exploring what I wanted to do with life. I always knew it was going to be with animals but I wasn't sure what path I wanted to take.” (8:40)

“I really do enjoy the challenge of the anesthesia piece and absorbing just as much information as you can.” (10:15)

“I think it’s really important for the veterinary community to understand what is expected of a new graduate and have proper mentorship and watch them grow.”  (30:45)

“Pick your passion, don’t just do it because you didn’t get into vet school. CVT really is a career. That’s the piece that people really need to understand.” (37:25)



Front Range Community College Veterinary Technician Program

Academy of Veterinary Surgical Technicians

Vet Treks Foundation

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