088: How To Be More Cancer Aware With Your Pet w/ Sue Ettinger

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Cancer sucks, but learning about cancer should not suck. That’s the motto of Sue Ettinger, aka the Cancer Vet. Sue is a badass oncologist, veterinary cancer specialist and mom who believes in providing reliable and accessible content to both pet owners and veterinarians.


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Show Notes

An author, speaker and the 2019 Western Vet Conference Small Animal Continuing Educator, Sue does what it takes to inspire others to bounce back from our shortfalls. Join in today as we talk about everything from tips to building a thriving social media presence, to role storytelling plays in finding joy and how to create more balanced work-life boundaries. 

With an old fashioned hard working attitude, Sue is passionate about educating others on finding a career you love, embracing the missteps that got you to where you are and sharing cancer awareness. 

How have your past hopes, dreams, and mistakes led you to the place you are in now? Share your failures and successes with us in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Appreciating the science and the relationships behind oncology

  • How cutting back can increase your sustainable happiness

  • The secret to building a social media or podcasting platform

  • Exposing the need for reliable internet content on cancer

  • The importance of finding out what is going on underneath the surface



“We don't talk about our failures out loud, but I think it is really important in veterinary medicine, especially when you are talking to students… our failures shape us and allow us to figure out who we are and what we want to do. I think our failures are as important than our successes.” (8:36)

“I am always trying to balance family with work, and my personal life with work, self-care and things like that.” (21:24)

“You will be lucky if you find a job that brings you such joy. There are so many people that don't love their jobs, and they don't love going to work, they just go to work.” (26:13)

“I always say its not about me, it is about the people I am trying to serve. And that to me is the secret to success, consistency and trying to solve the problem of the people I am trying to help.” (32:00)

“I just want to create information for veterinarians to share with pet owners and for pet owners to find that is reliable, good information. Because you and I can complain that there is no good information, or we can do something about it.” (36:40)



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