086: The Benefits Of First Year Orientation For CSU Students w/ Dr. John Arnold, Christina Geldert, & Chloe Muir

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Colorado State University believes in the importance of bonding with your fellow veterinary students and professors which is why they have created a Mountain Campus to help celebrate those in their first year of veterinary school. Situated up in the mountains, this two-day retreat features no phones, team bonding, and the ability to get back to nature.


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Show Notes

Unique to CSU, the Mountain Campus is a great way to embrace orientation for first-year vet students and help you get to know the people you will be working with on a personal level. Everything from ropes courses to sharing circles happens at the Mountain Campus in order to get you the best orientation experience possible.

Join Dr. Arnold, Christina Geldert and Chloe Muir as they dive into the highs and lows of the first year of veterinary school. How does your university embrace orientation for first-year vet students? Share your traditions with us in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Highlighting the orientation program for vet school at Colorado State University

  • Common questions from first-year students and advice to your younger self

  • Examining burnout and what that looks like for each person individually

  • How to take mental health more seriously throughout the profession

  • Be inspired by a new generation of veterinary school attendees and professors



“It was probably the best way to get close to my classmates, and get to know our energy and trust each other and get to know each other as people not just as vet students.” (11:40)

“I don't feel like I am a serious person, but I really wanted to set that tone and kind of challenge them to be open with one another and feel okay with it.” (14:46)

“A ton of people are also asking, ‘how do I have a balance? How do I stay healthy? How do I maintain a good mental state while I am doing this?’ And I think the fact that they are asking that is super important.” (19:47)



PAV 037: Christina Geldert

PAV 085: Chloe Muir

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