083: The Importance Of Finding Growth In The Passion To Learn w/ Jeremiah Easley

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In this episode, we jump back into the large animal world with DVM, large animal surgeon and lab research developer, Jeremiah Easley. After trying to rebel against his father's career of equine medicine, Jeremiah found his way back to his passion and has since found a thriving home in surgery and the development of medical devices.


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Show Notes

Today Jeremiah is here to relive the knowledge and wisdom he has gained over his career and dive into the exciting world of research and development on the medical side of things. We take a look into the highs and lows of equine surgery, how to find a job that you are excited about, the importance of finding growth in the passion to learn, and much more. 

Join us as we reflect back on the crucial moments of life where things worked out just right, and the importance of making a difference in both human and animal lives through continuous growth and the pursuit of knowledge.

How did your upbringing impact your decision to become a veterinary professional? Share with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Explore cutting edge research developments and how they came to be

  • The importance of keeping your options open and going against the grain

  • Discover the many facets and positions available in veterinary medicine

  • Examining the things that happen at a young age that affect how you grow up

  • Putting a face to the world of surgery, medical research, and development



“I kinda tried everything under the sun to find out what else I wanted to do and it eventually came back to veterinary medicine.” (19:11)

“Always my focus was surgery, and just kind of how I ended up there, I don't know if I cared what path I took, as long as I was going to be doing that I think I was going to be happy.” (27:50)

“I kind of went into that job, ‘I want to run this lab’. It may not have worked out that way, or it may have been something where I didn't like it or whatever, but I certainly wanted to go into it saying ‘I think this will be something I can make a go at and love’, and I think it’s worked out really well.” (37:19)

“It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it, and certainly I love it now just by the fact that I run the day today, it's really what I’m passionate about.” (45:32)

“You can do anything as a veterinarian, there are so many things that are possible out there.” (46:38)



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