040: An Inside Look At Reproductive Veterinary Medicine w/ Jennifer Hatzel


Today we are joined by the first ever theriogenologist to grace the Podcast A Vet airwaves, Dr. Jennifer Hatzel. Jennifer is a board-certified theriogenologist at Colorado State Equine Reproduction Laboratory and is here to share her passion on her specification.

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Show Notes: 

Feeling lost after graduation, Jennifer bounced through different equine internships and residencies until realizing her true passion for reproductive health. She is sharing with us the different aspects of equine reproduction, what can go wrong and right, and why more schools should be focusing on problem-based learning.

Jennifer is walking us through the day to day management of equine reproduction management including following reproductive cycles, breeding through artificial insemination and CSU’s pioneering embryo transfer. She is sharing tips on how to set yourself up to be a lifelong learner, how to keep an open mind through your veterinary journey, and so much more.

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In This Episode

  • What is theriogenology and how to become an equine theriogenologist

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome after getting accepted into vet school

  • Jennifer’s surprising experience with Problem Based Learning

  • Peeling back some of the mysteries surrounding horses and reproduction



“When I went to vet school I didn't quite understand that there were these intense specialties, you know at the time it was like just go to vet school. And I knew there were people who were surgeons and that sort of thing, but I didn’t know you could be super passionate about one area.” (16:07)

“So often we get to a point where we are like ‘ugh, this was my only opportunity and I don't have it and what am I going to do and my life is over’. And really it's not, there are so many other things that can happen.” (40:48)

“If you think about human fertility clinics and what they can achieve with human fertility problems, that's what we do with a horse.” (51:57)

“I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. What I have chosen to do and to be a part of is really who I am.” (1:02:51)



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