084: What This 100-Mile Bike Race Taught Me About Life & Why I Did It w/ Dr. John Arnold

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Today we are switching things up as I, Dr. John Arnold, invite you to join me during my drive through Colorado as I reflect on the path that brought me to the Leadville Colorado 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race. A look inside my mind and what would be my journal, this episode is all about the culmination of hard work, dedication and a tinge of mid-life crisis.


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Show Notes

Join me on my road trip as we take a break from routine and get to know each other better. Learn all about the role Tom Petty has played in my relationship, what I am drinking to stay hydrated, how I prepared myself to train for this race, and much more. 

How do you like to reflect on your path? Share how you document your perspective in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Learn the reason why behind the 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race

  • Exploring your inner dog and which dog represents Dr. Arnold

  • Why the bike is a symbol of feeling better physically and emotionally

  • How being more present in the trenches can lead to greater job happiness

  • Discover the difference between doing something as a team versus solo



“I say race but its more of just something to see if I could do it, and finish and have a blast. And have an adventure, so ya I'm going with adventure. A midlife crisis can be an adventure right?” (4:43)

“The bike has kind of been a symbol for me feeling better both physically and emotionally.” (21:48)

“I'm so into memories these days and making memories, that's part of what this trip is about too.” (40:31)

“Being more present in the trenches has really found me a happy place with practice right now.” (46:29)



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