069: How To Use Integrative Therapies To Care For Horses w/ Elizabeth Dooher

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Get ready for all things horses as we are joined by Elizabeth Dooher, an equine veterinarian passionate about integrative therapies and helping horses around the world find healing. Elizabeth combines therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, rehabilitation, massage, laser therapy, nutrition and more and applies these treatments both at home in Vail, Colorado and abroad in countries like Egypt and Jordan. Today Elizabeth is diving into all things horses, acupuncture, and how she has found a way to take her passion for travel and turn it into a lifesaving practice.


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Show Notes

If you have ever been curious what it is like to give acupuncture to a horse, want to learn the secrets to listening and communicating successfully with horses, or are looking to find your own middle ground between Chinese and Western veterinary medicine, this is the episode for you. Elizabeth takes us from the Sahara desert to equine charities in the Middle East to paint a picture of the vast landscape of international and integrative veterinary work.

Running on a philosophy of going with the flow, making a global impact and empowering veterinarians to interact with animals in new ways, Elizabeth is a positive energy source who thrives on the unknown to keep things interesting. By accepting what the Universe puts in front of you, and finding a way to mesh your unique passions, you can find the appropriate system for you to deliver optimal healing.

What about Elizabeth’s journey inspires you to follow your own soul purpose? Share with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • How to acupuncture a horse safely, carefully, and what reaction to expect

  • What it is like to attend vet school after eight years out of the education sector

  • Connecting with both animals and communities through integrative medicine

  • Veterinary expectations found in Jordan, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries

  • Learning how to combine alternative therapies and travel passions for global healing



“By the time I decided to go to vet school, I had a real purpose and a real reason and a real desire. It wasn't just a default choice, it was a very intentional decision for me to go to vet school.” (11:35)

“If we really listen to these horses, they are so willing to have such conversations with us and if we can respect that and honor that part of them, they will let us in in such incredible ways.” (18:17)

“It’s been a really neat way to get to know cultures and communities and people, and it just happens that veterinary medicine has been my vehicle to connect with these communities.” (41:26)

“I am 100% sure that I am safer walking down the streets of Amman, the capital of Jordan, at night than I am in any city in the US by myself at night.” (46:55)

“If you are going to do any sort of abroad work, you really sort of have to have that kind of attitude. Because these countries, they are not like the US, and we can't go there expecting it to be, and I don't wish that they were.” (1:04:58)



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