068: How To Help The Growing Need For Rural Large Animal Veterinarians w/ Kayle Austin

Podcast A Vet 68: Kayle Austin

Kayle Austin is a DVM, Large Animal Practitioner, 2017 CSU grad, and one of the first recipients in Colorado of the Veterinary Education Loan Repayment Program. Today Kayle dives into the four-year commitment she made to work rurally with large animals in order to subsidize her student debt, and why it was one of the best decisions she has made so far.


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Show Notes

If you have ever been interested in the large animal world, particularly calf and cattle being raised for dairy, Kayle is the expert you need to hear from. She explores the differences between small animal and large animal veterinary medicine, what it is like to be one of the few young women working in the field, and how she ended up running her own successful practice a mere two years after graduation.

An advocate for working together and using your resources, Kayle is a testament to the power of determination and never backing down from a challenge. The need for large animal practitioners in Colorado and across the country is constantly growing and with a program like the Veterinary Education Loan Repayment Program you could win the financial lottery just like Kayle.

Get ready to have a peek inside a world that you may have never considered before, and be exposed to the benefits, and downfalls, of rural large animal work. Everything from management, to medicine, herd health, and surgery is on the table today as we explore the world of Kayle Austin.

Have you applied to any programs that could help alleviate the financial burden of veterinary school? Share your resources in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • How simple things like milk prices could impact your job as a large animal practitioner

  • Exploring the stereotypes of young female doctors in the large animal community

  • What it is like to run your own practice two years after graduation

  • Incentives to apply for the Veterinary Education Loan Repayment Program

  • Evaluating the role veterinarian's play when raising cattle for dairy or beef



“I think that was the idea behind the program, to help encourage young vets getting out with a big student loan burden to get them out into those rural areas if that's what they wanted and help them make a go if it there.” (6:37)

“If you want anything bad enough you know you will get it done and make it happen, but it sure makes it a lot easier to swallow financially.” (12:46)

“You have to look at it as production, it is your business, you have to have a little less emotional attachment, unfortunately. And it's hard, it's the black and white of it, it's just the nature of the game.” (41:51)

“You are dealing with the rough, gruff country type of people, and I love that personality but not everybody does.” (51:42)

“It’s not worth doing if it’s not fun along with way.” (52:36)



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