039: How To Land Your Dream Job (Or Vet School) w/ Chase Weldon


You might know where you want to end up in your career, but even if you're 100% clear on the destination, you probably have some questions about how you're going to get there. Chase Weldon shares his insights on getting into vet school, landing your dream job, and more.

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Show Notes: 

Chase is the career education manager at the College of Vet Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. From current students first entering the workforce to alumni who are looking for a change or new direction, Chase uses his expertise to help people use their voice and find their dream jobs.

Chase’s shares his behind the scenes tips for the interview process, resume writing, how to stand out from the crowd, and so much more. He is walking us through how to demonstrate value, why a good connection is more important than the perfect GPA, and a look inside the modern veterinary student, and employer.

The more knowledge you have about the pulse of your career, the better you can feel about yourself, and the better you can navigate that landscape when looking for opportunities.

Have you used any of Chase’s trusted success skills? Let us know how you got to where you are at in your veterinary career in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Being a link in the chain to help people execute their dreams

  • The different roadblocks posed by multi-generational workplace environments

  • Secrets to help you find a job you feel fulfilled by

  • What employers can do to make a position more attractive

  • Integrating the past and the future into your resume and cover letter

  • How to assess your opportunities and plan for success



“You would be surprised how many people pick up the phone say, ‘hey that was a pretty creative way to apply for a job’, or at least to make a connection. Because you are essentially networking, you are not asking for a job, you're just saying ‘hey, let's talk’.” (28:21)

“It sounds very cliche, but its the truth. That [employers] want people who can connect with the client and bring productive working relationships with their colleagues. You don’t need to be the top of the class you just need to know how to work with people, how to resolve conflict, how to have fun at work. How to enjoy what you do and help people at the same time.” (34:40)

“Essentially what we're trying to do is show how you can create value in the workplace. Were not describing what you have done in the past, were showing how you created value.” (43:25)

“It's a great time to be thinking about becoming a vet or being on the road to becoming a vet. I am really excited for the whole industry honestly.” (1:05:01)



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Chase’s Resume Tips

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