071: How To Escape Autopilot & Learn To Nurture Yourself w/ Dr. Becky Krull

Podcast A Vet 071: How To Escape Autopilot & Learn To Nurture Yourself w/ Dr. Becky Krull

Do you sometimes feel like you are living your life on autopilot, never truly feeling content and struggling with burnout and compassion fatigue? Dr. Becky Krull was dealing with all of this until she made a change, sought some help, and found her happy again. These feelings are common in veterinary medicine and Dr. Becky is here to share how she discovered her spark again for life, and veterinary medicine, on this episode.


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Show Notes

After finding an integrative medicine doctor and life coach, Dr. Becky’s life has turned around. She has started to invest in the foundation of herself, and harness her energy to work through the daily struggles and still find a way to smile. Today Dr. Becky is sharing some actions and accountability tools to help you become a better person, how to navigate the tress turmoil and self-worth issues of veterinary medicine, and ways to shift your nurturing nature to provide the best of yourself for everyone, including you.

The similar stories many of us share, working too many hours, toxic employees and clients, and not feeling passionate about your work, can all be solved when you are able to recognize your priorities and provide some time for self-care. Once you do the work to learn these tools for yourself, it can change the way you practice, your relationships with others, and how you relate to yourself.

Dr. Becky believes in reaching out for help, being intentional with your day, saying no and setting boundaries as the keys to bringing back your inner child and finding your passion again.

How does Dr. Becky’s story relate to your own story? Share with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Becoming aware of your own energy force and how it affects your surroundings

  • Ways to improve your sleep hygiene, stop your insomnia and manage your stress

  • Being intentional about what you do and how you start your day to gain clarity and peace

  • Understanding the homework that takes to change your energy force and self-talk

  • Set your life up for control by following your values and prioritizing time management



“It was becoming more the norm that I was numb to the life around me, and that is not a way I wanted to go through life anymore, and that is when I understood what burnout was.” (3:39)

“I hate the word balanced, work-life balance, I don't think that exists. I think what does exist is that for a moment in your life you are going to nurture certain things really well, and at other moments you are going to have to nurture something else really well.” (25:43)

“Clearly what I was doing on my own was not working, and I had to do something or I was going to become a statistic of this burnout and compassion fatigue.” (36:33)

“I think in veterinary medicine for sure it is feeling worthy and fear of judgment, and we have got to work through where that comes from and how we can get over it.” (42:51)

“We all live with the same 24 hours in a day, and it really just depends on how you want to spend those 24 hours, and what you prioritize and your values.” (48:35)



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