052: What 2019 Has In Store For Podcast A Vet w/ Kelsey Cates

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Happy New Year everyone! We are excited for the new year and Season 2 of Podcast a Vet (PAV). Kelsey joins me again to discuss what the future holds for PAV, what to expect from future guests, an update on our not-for-profit status, and more.

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Show Notes: 

We hope to bring as many connections and new opportunities moving forward into the new year, and that wouldn’t be possible without you, the listeners! Thank you for your dedication, and be sure to keep an eye out on January 8th for Season 2.


In This Episode

  • Goals and resolutions for 2019

  • Staying positive and fostering wellness

  • Sneak peeks into episode content for the new year

  • What excites us most about the future of PAV


“If you guys have veterinarians or veterinary professionals that you want us to get on the show, please let us know. We want to bring you guys what you want to hear” (3:47)

“I think resolutions are kind of a tricky topic sometimes, but its always good to press reset and share your goals and we're gonna share how we stay positive and foster wellness in the new year and we would love for you guys to join us in that” (4:38)



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