053: How Equine Therapy Can Help Create The Best Version Of You w/ Kate Neligan

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As veterinarians we often forget that sometimes we don’t just heal the animals, they can heal us in our time of need as well. Kate Neligan has fostered this human-animal bond since childhood, and after a career in Hollywood marketing, a Masters in psychology and creating powerful TV content, she turned to equine therapy and life coaching to help create positive change quickly.

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Show Notes: 

Kate admires the blend of strength and softness found in horses and seeks to share her knowledge about how they can help us relax, create patience and become more mindful in our day to day life, plus so much more. Today Kate is sharing everything she knows about becoming more aware of your senses through equine exposure, why it is easy to be vulnerable around horses, and how to best understand you and your companies needs to show you care.

A refreshing departure from the medical perspective, Kate takes us on her journey through exploring options other than veterinary school. An advocate for accepting yourself as enough, forgiving your past and letting your perfectionist drive go, Kate, is an advocate for showcasing the best of humanity and shining a light on the good in the world.

The power of healing yourself through equine therapy and self-care is abundant if you can open yourself up to the experience. If you are ready to hear how you can begin to make conscious choices and live an empowered life, this episode is for you.

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In This Episode

  • The therapeutic, healing and coaching possibilities of working with horses

  • How horses can help you become more conscious and grow as a person

  • Showing yourself and others that you care without burning yourself out

  • What three core categories Kate believes make successful veterinary marketing

  • Creating and increasing relationships between peers and animals to increase happiness


“I never know what my normal is anymore. Now I hang out with horses before I was hanging out with celebrities, I have no idea what's next but its always been fun” (7:23)

“Horses will come up and put their nose next to you and remind you to breathe, and put their head on your heart and help you feel back into that space. And you forget your problems when you are with them” (14:51)

“If people also give animals a chance, they can learn so much from animals. And it's not just equines as well, but certainly, I think they have their own unique way of teaching” (18:30)

“Growth is what drives me now. Actually, every day being a better version of myself and helping our hospitals become that too” (43:44)

“I feel like I am here to bridge, and the human-animal bond is a bridge, and in that journey across we can have less judgment, and we can have more connection, and ultimately that is what we all want” (1:04:20)



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