064: The Importance Of Promoting Diversity In The Vet Community w/ Stephen Cital

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Stephen Cital is on a mission to bring veterinary technicians the respect they deserve while making some real money. An RVT specializing in anesthesia pain management, Stephen has a passion for promoting diversity in the veterinary space, as well as the use of cannabis as a legitimate therapeutic tool. Stephen combines a vast array of knowledge and topics to break down some of the barriers in our profession and is opening our eyes to a world of possibilities on today's episode.

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Show Notes

Everything from vet tech utilization, how to introduce diversity into a clinic’s culture, and the major benefits of cannabis use for animals is on the table today. Stephen is educating us on the possibility of improving an animals life through cannabis and how to move the needle on accepting different ethnicities, sexual orientations and religious backgrounds in the veterinary field. In addition, Stephen is providing some serious tips on how to turn a nurse or technician position into a career, and profit from it, by looking outside of the clinic.

An engaging and refreshing breath of fresh air in the veterinary community, Stephen is advocating for those underrepresented in order to create workplaces where everyone feels included. If you are ready to have a conversation about changing our culture from within, this episode is for you.

What inspires you most about Stephen’s message of acceptance and never settling for less than you are worth? Let us know in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Changing the stigma behind cannabis use and its medical benefits

  • Why fields like research and development may be the key to earning more

  • Embracing and utilizing your veterinary technician for a lifelong career

  • Addressing the cultural double standards in the veterinary field

  • Tips to break down barriers and make the workplace inclusive for everyone


“We have quite a few animals that are on cannabis now, and were able to decrease traditional pharmaceutical drugs, and the owners love it. They want to go back to mother nature and let's give her the credit.” (9:50)

“[Cannabis] encompasses everything I love. The medicine, being on the cutting edge of things, discovering things, it encompasses it all.” (15:38)

“I think these bigger organizations could do better with supporting some of these diversity initiatives.” (37:08)

“If you are in an isolated area where you are that person on the team that sticks out from everybody else, just understand that there are other people out there.” (41:11)

“You can have a respectable career as a human medical assistant, you can have a respectable career as a veterinary assistant, and nobody should ever be ashamed of that.” (46:43)


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