063: How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Income w/ Danielle Lambert

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If you have been living under a rock these past few years and haven’t hopped on the social media bandwagon yet, you could be missing out on huge business and monetary gains. Danielle Lambert has a passion for helping veterinary hospitals market themselves and has created a successful business teaching others how to convert business from the internet into income for your practice. Founder of the Snout School and VP of Business Development at Whisker Cloud, Danielle knows what she is talking about when it comes to monetizing social media and putting your best virtual foot forward.

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Show Notes

Today Danielle explains just exactly how social media marketing works, why your website could be one of your biggest assets, and reasons why the online marketing game is not going anywhere. She is providing specific tips on how you could be supplementing your veterinary income with an internet related business, why you need to start with a goal when getting into the social media game, and reasons she is a big believer in paying for online advertisements to increase your ROI.

By putting content out onto the internet, and encouraging your team members to do the same, you could be creating a valuable aspect of your business that you didn't even know existed. The opportunity to retain more clients and increase your average transaction through online marketing tools is possible if you know what to do. Danielle is a wealth of knowledge on an increasingly important aspect of all businesses and is highlighting the necessity to bring this new wave of thinking into the veterinary field.

Does Danielle’s perspective make you rethink the amount of effort you spend on your social media strategy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Finding balance in your veterinary practice through social media monetization

  • How to measure social media campaigns to track your advertising success

  • What constitutes a successful post and how to increase your online popularity

  • Creating compelling content with a business strategy for client retention

  • Removing the competitive nature from online communities and increasing diversity


“I want to develop Snout School into something that not only teaches veterinary hospitals how to market themselves but also helps empower women in veterinary medicine to find their unique career paths and use social media to achieve their goals.” (5:08)

“If you put a little bit of hard work and dedication into something, you can create whatever the heck kind of job you want now.” (7:28)

“I think that the more we get proactive about our business skills there are plenty of opportunities to do things that are going to help you out financially.” (18:33)

“Using social media as a tool and in a positive way, to have a positive impact on this industry and on the lives of pets, it’s there, and it can be used to your advantage, you just have to jump on in.” (33:35)

“I really wanted to see more, I wanted to showcase these women with these skill sets because I think it is more representative of the industry.” (40:04)


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