048: An Inside Look At The Growing World Of Veterinary Dermatology w/ Jackie Campbell

PAV 048: An Inside Look At The Growing World Of Veterinary Dermatology w/ Jackie Campbell

Jackie Campbell has had a journey filled with constant travel, learning how to balance work and life, and persevering through setbacks. A boarded dermatologist, Jackie’s story is full of humility, humor, and heart. Today we are reminiscing about our CSU memories, how she developed a keen passion for dermatology, and why grades are not the whole picture when it comes to your veterinary skills and placement.

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Show Notes: 

The demand for dermatologists is rising, and Jackie makes an appealing case for the versatility and flexibility of the field. Learn everything from what a dermatology residency looks like, to how she started her own practice and why you should be creating a family in your workplace. Get ready for a story of beating the odds, accepting your failures and not letting them stop you from achieving your passions.

A path filled with lots of high highs and some low lows, Jackie is an open and honest book with a ferocious laugh and wisdom to share.

How do you relate to Jackie’s life journey? Have you ever considered a career in animal dermatology or opening up your own practice? Let us know in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • The journey of getting into vet school and the pressure we put on ourselves

  • Stories from ‘The Cube’s’ about the relationships created during school

  • How a melanoma scare inspired a career specialization and the ability to sympathize

  • The components of test taking and how your brain can get in the way of true knowledge

  • What life is like as a dermatologist and being your own boss


“I didn’t know what path I would take to get there and I was kind of jumping in blindly… just like the collection of little experiences I got just by stepping I think outside of my comfort realm in animal science was a lot of fun” (5:38)

“That was like a really ‘a-ha!’ moment for me because I had never really been given the ‘okay, you don’t have to be the best. You just have to be you and do what works for you.’ And so that was my approach in vet school. I was never about grades or rankings at the time that they were. It was kind of first the first time kind of trying to have more balance. (14:15)

“We are truly blessed in our veterinary profession, I think about it almost every single day. We have a pretty naturally honest, kind, empathetic, good people are drawn to this field more than any other field.” (27:17)

“[Residency] was the first time in my life, truthfully, that I was learning to learn. Because you are so excited about something you want to understand all the workings. And it's not learning it to pass a test.” (42:43)

“So now I feel like I see people a little differently. I am more compassionate towards other people and what they are going through. I used to not know what to say or avoid the topic because I didn't want to upset people, and what I realized after navigating through that is just showing up is like 99% of it” (1:05:14)



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