047: How To Find Longevity In Your Veterinary Career w/ Jon Geller

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Jon Geller has led an incredible journey full of reinvention, community, passion, and kindness. Board certified in canine and feline practice, a certified and published vet journalist, trained hyperbaric technologist, and hospital and non-for-profit organization founder, Jon’s resume is an impressive homage to the tribe of self-discovery.

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Show Notes: 

Today, Jon is sharing stories such as the time he walked for six months in the desert with a donkey, to what he loves about ER medicine and why it's never too late to start your veterinary career. He is taking us on a journey to help you align your passions with your career and see the good in people, plus much more.

Everything from caring for homeless pets, to addiction and abuse and creating a safe workplace are on the table today. Jon is an inspiration that has achieved both personal and professional success but still continues to strive to help more. If you are looking for a discussion about reinventing yourself, following your spiritual path and work towards closing the gap between appearances and reality, this episode is for you.

How have you prepared yourself so that you can have a long career in veterinary medicine? Leave us a comments below!


In This Episode

  • Dealing with impulsivity and how to select the right projects for you

  • Transitioning from the corporate world to veterinary and following your passion

  • Factors to help you find longevity in your veterinary career

  • Suicide, depression, homelessness and the veterinary profession

  • Comparing the mindset between for-profit and non-for-profit medicine


“I really learned patience, and I think it carried over into my relationships with people, with patients, with pet owners, you know with my wife, my family, and that was my lesson there.” (10:57)

“Veterinary medicine was more of a decision where I knew I needed to make a change, and I had a list of other possibilities, and I’m really glad I picked veterinary medicine.” (12:45)

“Being an emergency vet is what fit with me, I like the chaos, I like the unexpected, I like new things, unexpected things, I didn't like a day that was planned out.” (23:34)

“Most veterinarians don't really think its a big deal and don't really care that much about it, but I think its still important to have an awareness of it because of the accessibility and the stressors of the job.” (46:41)

“It just comes back to kind of slowing everything down and really trying to live in the present and treating everyone with tender loving kindness, which sounds easy but it's not necessarily… bring those principles more into actions than ideas. (56:47)



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