090: How To Create A Great Company Culture w/ Wendy Hauser

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Wendy Hauser has had a chance to wear many hats in her career, being involved in everything from pharmaceuticals, to practice ownership, consulting and pet insurance. Since deciding she was destined for veterinary medicine at age nine, Wendy has worked to develop her skills and resume to reflect her dedication, determination, and resilience.

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Show Notes

Wendy wants to make sure that you realize all of the different gifts you can find in different jobs, never feel stuck, and find a culture that makes you feel necessary and happy. Providing advice on everything from early-career practice ownership to finding a mentor and dismissing the negative connotations around pet insurance, Wendy is proof of the power of diversity in medicine.

When you are part of a culture that creates a sustainable and inviting workplace you are able to problem solve as a team, develop your own personal skills and motivate yourself to keep taking brave leaps. If you want to learn why pet insurance is a valuable way to proactively care for an animal, understand the importance of talking to your clients about money or gain tools to create a great company culture, this is the episode for you. 

How do company culture, client relationships and proactive strategies fit into your day to day routine? Share the similarities and differences you find in the comments below.  

In This Episode

  • Exploring the responsibilities and lessons of practice ownership

  • Ways to be a more effective and impactful leader, employee and contributor

  • How to make pet insurance normal in hospitals and part of your team's culture

  • Which things that you can do to let your team know that you've got their back

  • Three tools to help you adopt a proactive approach to caring for your pet or patient



“Everything that I did from age 9 was focused towards developing skills that I would need to be the best veterinarian, and best human, that I can be.” (4:03)

“I get out of bed every morning to help people. That's why I am a veterinarian. I help people by keeping their beloved pets healthy.” (16:58)

“I have a marketable skill, it will be okay. But I need to feed my soul in different ways.” (35:13)

“Regardless of whatever role you have, if you are a practice manager, if you are a technician, if you are a doctor, you are building great marketable skills and those will always translate into new opportunities for you. Please never stay in a position where you feel you're stuck, you’re only limited by your own self-beliefs, not by reality.” (36:09)

“Why aren't we being leaders in the lives of pet owners? Because once we start educating them then when they come in with their second or third or fourth pet, they know what to expect, and they’re on board with providing the best care.” (50:52)



Peak Veterinary Consulting

The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans by Wendy Hauser and Debbie Boone

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