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016: What To Expect From Your First Year In Vet School w/ Zach Lake

Remember your first year in vet school? How about the application process? Everyone has a different path that leads them to vet school, but once there, we all go through the same classes, lectures, and labs. Today we talk to Zach Lake, a  first-year vet student, about his fresh off the press experience and how he gets through it.

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015: The Key To Longevity In The High Stress Field Of Emergency Care w/ Tim Hackett

Do you ever wonder how to avoid burnout with your career and keep up your professional longevity? Without it, you might find yourself emotionally and energetically fried after a few years. This is especially difficult for high intensity specialities like emergency and critical care. Tim Hackett’s figured out the secrets however, and joins us today to share them with us.

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