077: How Is The Veterinary Profession Different In Europe? w/ Natalia Strokowska

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On our first international podcast, Natalia Strokowska joins us from Poland to shed some light on the similarities and differences between the veterinary profession in America and Poland. DVM, MRCVS, entrepreneur, medical English teacher, and avid traveler, Natalia discusses everything from the clubbing culture, travel to five different continents helping animals, the importance of mental health, and much more.


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Show Notes

Join us for a look into the stereotypes, limitations, and advantages of becoming a vet in Poland and England, why Natalia uses her modeling career as a platform on Instagram to discuss larger issues such as depression, and how she balances running a business, being a local vet and being an entrepreneur teaching others.

Natalia believes that you can find your motivation from your inner child and use that to get closer to your passion, whatever that may be. Learn what motivates the millennial generation, how to survive burnout, the challenges of surviving a winter in Poland and why everyone should dance a little bit more.

Do you resonate with Natalia’s strong desire to succeed? Share what resonated with you most about her veterinary school experience and beyond in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the impact of the Berlin wall and clubbing culture in Poland

  • Analyzing the urgent need for psychological health help in veterinary school

  • Exposing the global problems with the gender gap in veterinary medicine

  • How to use social media platforms to engage your audience and share your insight

  • Addressing the double standard of online sexuality in a public service position



“With my strong will to help the world to be a better place, and the helper that is deep inside of me that would like to just help the animals in need. Within the 2 or 3 days, I was [at veterinary school] the whole vision of how my life would look like was starting to be formed.” (16:24)

“If someone was to ask me if I would like to work as a vet in America, of course, I would love to. But this complete lack of work-life balance scares me.” (30:45)

“I told myself that one day I was going to research students and vets and show the world what really happens, and I am really proud that we did it.” (48:28)

“We need to fail for a moment just to be stronger.” (1:16:57)



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