035: The Importance Of Continuing To Evolve In Your Career w/ Ame Moon


As veterinary professionals - not to mention humans - it’s important to keep learning, growing, and evolving as we move through our careers and lives. Not only will we be happier, but this mindset is essential to staying engaged in our work, avoid mistakes, and building a sustainable career.

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Show Notes: 

I’m still riding the high of the past week at the AVMA Conference by catching up with my friend and former teacher, Ame Moon. Ame is a CVT and a VTS in Emergency and Critical Care. Today we are tackling issues such as finding longevity in being a vet nurse, finding happiness, and evolving your career throughout the years.

Find out about what ER cases and procedures continue to drive Ame’s passion, why you should allow yourself to make mistakes and how to cultivate the teacher inside of you. Ame shares her tips on how to find support in your vet tech community, the reality of financials in the veterinary profession, and why she is staying away from being a ‘go-for’ tech and thinks you should too.

Superstar veterinary nurses this episode is for you so let us know your thoughts and give a shout out to your favorite vet nurse in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • What it is like teaching students in an Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Longevity and making a career out of veterinary nursing
  • The best ways to show appreciation to the nurses in your life
  • A step by step breakdown of what it takes to become Veterinary Tech Specialised (VTS). The current cost to write the exam is $175.
  • Putting self-worth into the equation of how much you charge



“Doctors have a job, and they are meant to be doctors. And nurses have a job, and they are meant to be nurses and to take care of the patients. And I just found the longer I was in the field, I wanted to be the one that was taking care of the animals and not necessarily the one making the major decisions for those animals.” (10:34)

“I've always been drawn to [teaching], I've been told it comes very natural to me. Whether it’s teaching students or technicians or clients, that's a big one too, it’s just something that I’ve gotten a lot of satisfaction out of.” (24:32)

“I think that the biggest thing for me that's kinda kept me in the field is just personal growth, and finding my passion. And I know that's a very recurrent theme when we talk about longevity, but I think it's so important. I knew that I wanted to be in emergency medicine. I learned that I enjoyed teaching. I learned that I liked the client interactions. I learned the things that brought satisfaction to my life.” (30:46)

“The veterinary technician specialties allow technicians to do that, it is our version of becoming board certified, and that's exactly what it is. And there are so many out there, that's the great thing. You know if you have a passion in exotics, if you have a passion in oncology. The Academy for Radiology just got a veterinary technician specialty so that's going, there's one in behavior, there's one in nutrition, dentistry... The amount of specialties that are out there are truly amazing. So if you are able and lucky enough to find your passion, you now have this route that you can go down to be board certified and be a pro at what you love to do.” (39:56)



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