061: How To Fail Right, Fail Early, & Fail Often w/ Dr. Andy Roark

Podcast A Vet 61: Dr. Andy Roark

Dr. Andy Roark believes that it is important to constantly try new things, accept failure as a natural growing tool and prioritize growth and development daily. He has taken his can-do attitude and courage to fail to social media and other methods of engagement in order to better spread his message of courage. Today Dr. Andy Roark joins us to help describe the connection he sees between failure and success, how to recognize when you are being spread too thin, and when it is time to drop some of your balls.

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Show Notes

The greatest power that you have is choosing how you suffer, and Dr. Roark shares his insights on this topic, in addition to why you should be applying the community planning theory of third space to your life, and how to find enlightenment by recognizing that you do not need to adhere to a consumerist society. Plus, he opens up about why he feels it is important to be transparent in your screw up’s in order to create a shared experience around mistakes.

At the end of the day, the world continues to go on despite what you do, and Dr. Roark is an advocate for making mistakes quickly so that you can use these lessons to improve as a doctor and as a person. By acknowledging that nobody is perfect, continually striving for your best, and always encouraging discussion, you too can ensure that you never stop learning.

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In This Episode

  • Avoiding the path to burnout by managing your failures

  • Recognizing the good that comes with living through failure and the consequences

  • Embracing your ability to choose how you suffer as a sign of leadership

  • A realistic time frame for implementing life-work balance changes

  • Identifying and balancing your priorities and relationships


“My whole career, the takeaway lesson to me has been to just try some stuff. And then figure out what part of ‘the stuff’ you like to do, and figure out how to do more of that stuff.” (4:50)

“I appreciate your time, there are a lot of other things that you could do with your time and I appreciate that you would want to listen to this, so I feel this obligation to try and make it worth your time.” (11:43)

“Failure and expertise are just woven together. I have failed more times than you have, so let me share with you what I have learned.” (19:32)

“I think we are healthier, happier and more stable and balanced people when we have home stuff, work stuff, and a third thing that we do where they don't care that you are a veterinarian.” (28:18)

“When you distill Uncharted down into one word it’s community. It’s this idea that there is just no need for you to do this alone, we are all in this together.” (51:05)


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