081: The Importance Of Being A Reasonable Freaking Human Being w/ Dr. Erik Hofmeister

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Dr. Erik Hofmeister, DVM, DACVVA, DECVAA, MA, MS, has more letters behind his name than in it, but remains humble and focused on how hard someone works over their grades. Currently a Professor of Veterinary Anesthesia at Auburn University, Erik knows a lot about the powers of determination and perseverance.


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Show Notes

A ‘high school dropout’ turned academic, Erik has helped many people get into internships, residencies, and faculty positions, and chooses to look at the way someone recovers over how they fail. A believer in finding many different paths to happiness, Erik is here today to dive in-depth into the world of anesthesia, academics, and more to help you optimize your life.

If you are able to dedicate yourself to a skill, you can learn how to thrive in veterinary medicine. Erik finds beauty in going unnoticed, loves to encourage people to follow multiple paths, and ultimately works to find happiness and fulfillment for all those he works with. 

Are you ready to work hard, enjoy the process and be a reasonable freaking human being? Share what you found the most interesting about Erik’s take on academia in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Exploring the demand for anesthesiologists in private practice and academia

  • Why the anesthesiologist should be the calmest person in the room

  • Finding freedom in autonomy and a results-oriented work environment

  • The importance of being just a reasonable freaking human being

  • How to deal with your income in the right way to reach financial independence



“My wife says it’s somewhat disingenuous for me to say I am a high school dropout because I left to go to college early.” (24:30)

“Its really looking at what is your output rather than your butt in a chair for a certain number of hours a day. Because of the studies on American productivity and how much time we waste during the day.” (33:34)

“I enjoy not having the responsibilities of department share… it's really nice just to have my time when I am off clinics. Like I said earlier, to have the autonomy to just be doing what I am doing. I get to read more, and I get to work on my research projects and all those other things I couldn't do as easily as an administrator.” (43:58)

“Just be a reasonable freaking human being, doesn't seem like hard criteria, doesn't seem like a high level, but just be a reasonable freaking human being and so many things are better.” (55:20)



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