092: The Life Lessons To Be Learned From Wild Animals w/ Becca Miceli

Podcast A Vet 092 Becca Miceli

Have you ever wanted to bond with lions and tigers and bears? Becca Miceli is the Chief Officer of Science and Welfare, otherwise known as the veterinary technician, at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. From an early age she has had a fascination towards ‘animals that can eat her’, and now works in the sanctuaries 720 acres, with 532 animals ranging from tigers to grizzly bears and lynx.

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Show Notes

Taking care of carnivorous animals and giving them the freedom to choose how they want to live the rest of their lives after coming from suboptimal and even unthinkable captivity is Becca’s passion. By treating each animal as an individual, respecting their story and learning the unique needs of each animal she treats, Becca helps these mistreated animals find a new home and a new way of living.

Join us as we have a look into the stories of some of the animals that Becca takes care of on a daily basis and gain a glimpse of what life is like working with some of the world’s most majestic and frightening creatures. By educating the public on an animals empathy, seeing things from a different point of view and making the world a better place on behalf of the animals who do not have a voice, Becca and the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary are giving animals the best life possible while changing the way we think about the world.

Have you ever visited a carnivorous animal sanctuary? Share your experience or desires related to these powerful animals in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • The importance of treating animals as individuals from medicine to psychology

  • Factors that play a role in people wanting carnivorous animals as pets

  • How to adopt an animals attitude of forgiveness into your human relationships

  • A look into what it takes to develop a strong bond with carnivorous animals

  • Understanding the role companionship and grief plays in an animals life



“I ended up here, a lot of it I say by circumstance and by chance, but I feel very fortunate that I made it here and have been here for as long as I have been.” (7:55)

“People forget that they still have a life to live out, they shouldn’t have to end up euthanized because we decided to take them in, out of their environment, out of what and who they are, and disrespecting that and trying to make them a house cat.” (14:37)

“To see that freedom and that choice click in their brain, I can’t imagine another job where I can have that same fulfillment. I get to impact their lives daily.” (23:43)

“These animals forgive on a daily basis things that they shouldn’t, how can I not look at the world the same way?” (25:19)

“I grow every day, I learn something new, I learn a new way to approach something, I get to see them flourish and that all makes it worth it, even on the bad days.” (35:08)

“We all have that animal I think where you look in their eyes and you say ‘I will make it through another day because I need to help you’.” (35:28)



Wildlife Animal Sanctuary

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