017: How To Thrive As A Veterinarian When Life Serves You Lemons w/ Jeanne Ficociello


Sometimes life serves you giant problems, and you face the choice of whether or not you're going to live fully. Jeanne Ficociello is a veterinarian and close friend of mine who has lived vivaciously in spite of an advanced kidney disease, and today she shares some of the keys to that resiliency with us.

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Show Notes: 

Dr. Jeanne Ficociello is an excellent internal veterinary specialist from Boston and a dear friend from CSU. Today she tells us about her experience of being a successful veterinary specialist while also living with an advanced kidney disease.

We also discuss how to manage boundaries with clients, dealing with bad days at work, and how to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. She also tells us the story of how her kidney donor revealed themselves to her on Valentine’s Day!

In this episode:

  • Some tips on staying positive and upbeat when life serves you lemons
  • How to avoid burnout or compassion fatigue, especially as a veterinarian
  • Her thoughts on Dr. Google
  • The story of the first transplant surgeon ever and what made his such a great doctor


“It’s been a part of my life for so long. I’m very open about it. It’s part of who I am” 12:37

“So many veterinarians are compassionate and caring and intensively obsessed with their patients and clients, and it’s just not always healthy.” 29:13

“People know their pets. They may act all crazy, but people know their animals.” 44:37


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