002: What We Can Learn From International Vet Professionals w/ Fernanda Coelho


Have you wondered what veterinary medicine is like in other countries and how it might differ to what we’re taught here in the US? Is the education process better, worse, or just different? On this episode we talk about the differences and similarities of vet medicine between Brazil and the US, and how getting a glimpse into both countries can open our minds and hearts, making us better, more well-rounded vets.

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Show Notes: 

Fernanda is a third-year veterinary student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is spending her vacation with us in Colorado, helping and learning about how we run our clinics here in America. She is currently in her 3rd year of a five-year program vet program, one an education that while competitive to get into, is entirely funded by the government. This means that as hard as it might be for us to fathom, Fernanda’s going to leave vet school with zero student debt.

We talk about the differences and similarities between veterinary medicine education and practice between Brazil and the US, what the most significant challenges are for Brazilian vets, and what Americans can learn from Brazilians regarding both life and veterinary medicine.

Have you done an internship abroad? What were your biggest takeaways? What were your biggest challenges? Leave us a comment below!

In this episode:

  • How does the process of getting into a veterinary school in Brazil differ from here in the US
  • What are some of the differences and similarities regarding society’s view of pets between the two countries
  • Some of the benefits of learning veterinary medicine in multiple countries
  • What specialties are most in demand in Brazil


“After high school, I had to study a year just for this test so I could get a higher score and be accepted into a public veterinary school.” (6:24)

“A lot of people are not from Rio, they are not from the city where the university is located, so [our class] is like a family because our families are somewhere else. We spend a lot of time together.” (17:33)

“I learned a lot with people here. I really liked that they were very welcoming and that means a lot to me because I am here by myself. And, of course, the culture and the food is also great.” (25:46)


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